• Cultural Analysis and Performance Benchmarking

    Know What You’re Looking For

    Finding the right people is easier when you know what you’re looking for. Define what you’re seeking through position and cultural benchmarking and analysis.

  • Behavioral Assessments

    Quantitatively Assess If You’ve Found the Right Professional

    Knowing you’ve found the right person on the first try is easy when you rely on fact not theory. Behavioral Assessments help ensure cultural fit to ensure a professional will stick.

  • Employment Skills Tests

    Discover What Skills They Really Have

    Professionals sometimes indicate they have skills which they define differently than you may. Know for sure what skills a professional has, before hiring them, by leveraging a range of pre-employment skills tests…without having to conduct them on-site!

  • Virtual Video Interviews

    Get Face-to-Face Without Paying for Travel

    Stop bringing candidates for interviews and wishing you could immediately send them home. Get “Face-to-Face” easily, inexpensively, and without headache through supported Virtual Interviews provided by Insight Hiring Tools.

Analysis & Assessments

Understanding who you’re looking for and quantitatively looking for that person is the key to hiring the right person the first time.

Employment Testing

Know what skills a candidate has before offering them a position, whether a promotion or a new hire. Virtual Employment tests are accurate and inexpensive.

Virtual Interviews

Start seeing your candidates “face-to-face” before an onsite interview, and start saving 80-90% of interview costs, by using supported Virtual Interviews.

Start Saving $500,000 Annually

by modifying your hiring processes

Companies often needlessly spend $500,000 on bad hires on an annual basis. There is hope in sight and you can stop wasting these resources and start allocating more resources to tasks that will build your business. By implementing cultural analysis and positional benchmarking you will clearly define the type of person who will succeed in your business. Behavioral Analysis, virtual skills testing, and virtual interviews help you quantitatively define whether a candidate is in fact the right person for your position. Get a FREE consultation by completing the form to the right and see how these process improvements can work for you.